Why is Nepal backward?

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If the sole geographical structure of Nepal is only considered then it might be the world's most beautiful country. With fourteen zones and seventy five districts, it is a full land-locked nation with rich resource of water and natural beauty.It's rich history makes it stand tall among other nations.Along with birth place of Lord Buddha,the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest (Sagarmatha)  is also situated in Nepal.With this and many unique features, Nepal  is considered the museum of historical and natural beauty. Millions of tourist from many different nations in the world visit Nepal and spend a lot of money over here.Government of Nepal collects tax from all these tourists because of which tourism is considered to be the number one souce of tax collection in Nepal.

Donations are made by the developed nations to Nepal in hundreds and thousands millions of dollars yet nation is degrading instead of upgrading that is because  of only one factor, politicians. Politicians are the only thing that  are preventing this beautiful and naturally rich country to develop instead they are pulling the country back in the path of deterioration and developing only their lifestyle and bank balance.

The politicians of Nepal just swallow the money that comes into this nation from other nations in terms of donations as well as the funds that is collected as tax from the citizens of Nepal itself also goes into their pocket only instead of reaching to the poor people over here.They are surely not going to develop the nation they can even sell the nation to the third party if they could get one and keep the arising funds into pocket.If this nation is imagined to be a cruise then these politicians are the only factor that can cause the cruise to drown in the sea. If this nation is considered to be a tree, then, these politicians are like the axe that cut the tree and make it fell to ground. According to hindu religion,there is a story that once upon a time,there was a nation whose king was too much harsh and always used to curse it's citizen for nothing and kill them for doing nothing.This went on for few years and one of the major hindu god, Lord Vishnu, took birth in the nation in a poor farmer's family and later on killed the king and rescued the nation's citizen from the  harsh activity of him.These politicians and current rulers just resemble that harsh king and the citizen from Nepal resemble the nation's citizen. Now the nepali citizens are still awaiting that rescuer Lord Vishnu who will come in some form and then rescue us from them.





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A helpless nepali citizen that is awaiting for Lord Vishnu.

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Why is Nepal backward?

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    Joshi P- 2010/12/06 15:19:32 pm

    Whatever written in this article is true. We Nepalese are now waiting for a strong, committed for national cause and loyal dictator, who can finish all the bad politicians ruining the country and put the country on right track.

This article was published on 2010/12/05