Satellite TV Caters to a Diverse Public

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It is fairly well established that many people have known America across the world as the land of opportunity. A first world nation that was built on the flood of immigrants and the prospect that anything could happen, the dream of a better life and better opportunities regardless of creed or nationality has been the beacon of hope for many people living under less than ideal conditions. The acceptance of others, thus, is not only apparent in the opportunity to start new businesses and families, but also in the different forms of entertainment and services that meet the needs of the general public. One example is that of satellite TV, in which both a wide variety of English language and Spanish programming are available to the average viewer.


For newly arrived Latino immigrants coming from central and South America, this presents a comforting opportunity to engage with their cultures back home. The same is true for people who have been living in the U.S for an extended period of time, perhaps having already nationalized as citizens. For them, subscribing to satellite TV and reconnecting with their native tongue and culture can be a breath of fresh air. The sheer variety of programming that these services now offer is proof that the growing Latino population is not only important to the diversity of the nation, but also to the growth of the consumer market.


For Americans whose families have lived in this nation for generations, their tendencies and preferences lean in the direction of the traditions born in this nation. With entertainment and sports, for example, football and baseball are national pastimes that people refuse to loosen their grip on. The passion and commitment that many people demonstrate toward their teams is evidence of a long-standing history that will not let up, For Latino-Americans, however, other sports may call their attention with a stronger voice, and soccer is just one of the very powerful cultural activities that many central and south Americans are most passionate about.


Thanks to this recognition by satellite TV networks, more and more soccer games as well as diverse Spanish language programming is being incorporated into the packages that are readily available to middle-class citizens. These packages tend to include soap operas and games shows, professional athletic competitions and much more. Even for die-hard American entertainment fanatics, these unique programs provide a distinct flavor when it comes to home entertainment, adding an element of surprise and intrigue that once never existed.


If we compare the way that immigrants and non-English speakers were once treated in the U.S to how they are treated today, we can surely acknowledge that we've come a long way. More than just a public acceptance of this diversity, the private sector has also acknowledged the importance of this societal group to the growth of our nation and our economy. By including more diversity in the programming and entertainment options readily available, often times in high definition, these groups feel more included than ever.


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Satellite TV Caters to a Diverse Public

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This article was published on 2010/10/26