Has Someone or Some Group Filled Obama's Head With A Bunch of Non-Sense?

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When we listen, I mean really listen to Obama's words we get many conflicting reports, many of which are based in complete contrast to the realities of the world, economics of our time and the facts of free markets. Now do not get me wrong, Obama often gives some wonderful speeches, and thus, I do not fault anyone for falling for the massive TV barrage. However, there is little reality or substance past the political rhetoric. I am not for or against any particular candidate. We do need such political dialogue in our nation; we need to discuss these issues.

A full discourse is a viable way to help solve problems and get the input from all sides of the issues. Unfortunately, Obama's experiences, education, religious indoctrination, voting record, friends, and business associates are a-typical and hardly an adequate representation or cross-section of America. Now granted it is a very interesting case study to follow, as Obama does have a rather unique set of combinations of life experiences.

Nevertheless, as wonderful as this is, it certainly does not qualify him to lead the greatest nation of all times, or be promoted to the most important leader in the free-world. I truly wish Obama well in his career, and he is a testament of proof that the racial divide has been crossed and the glass ceiling for African Americans has been forever shattered, good for him! But let's not forget this is the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind; we have a 17 Trillion Dollar economy and over 303 Million people here.

Surely, we have more qualified individuals to run our Nation than Obama. He's a nice speaker and portrays a clean cut image, but he just isn't good enough, and you know it. Question is will you vote with your mind or did you already surrender that to your TV set.

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Has Someone or Some Group Filled Obama's Head With A Bunch of Non-Sense?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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