"Capitalism is Dead," He Said - But That's Complete Hogwash

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Most of the Communists in the world and literally all of the socialist-leaning politicians, regardless of what nation they come from have been stating that capitalism is dead. But how can this be? All the first world nations no matter what economic policies they live under all use some form of capitalism to create wealth, they are borrowing what works.

This is because the profit motivation of capitalism works and it becomes the most efficient form of creating abundance, and economies of scale. If anything one could say that communism and socialism is dead, because there has not been any pure socialist, or any pure communist nations that have survived and thrived in the last 300 years.

Not long ago, I got into a small philosophical debate, which turned into an interesting argument about this very subject with a semi famous PhD academic (author, scholar, political somebody). He stated; "Capitalism is Dead" but I didn't listen, I know that is nonsense. Instead I said; "That's Complete Hogwash, and let me explain why!"

During our debate he put forth all the problems of the global economic crisis and previous bubbles that burst in various industries, as his major points of contention. In each one of those points of contention, I explained to him how government regulation and intervention in the free market system was indeed the reason for the bubbles that built-up and/or collapsed. In other words, capitalism is self-correcting and as long as no bureaucrat or know-it-all academic, or politician gets in the way everything works out fine.

Of course, academia is always right and if you don't leave me just ask them, they will tell you; indeed this gentleman attempted to before I crushed his nonsensical arguments into oblivion. Show me a better nation! You see, for me I'd rather live in the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, a nation whose abundance and middle class were created by free markets and capitalism. Deny it!

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"Capitalism is Dead," He Said - But That's Complete Hogwash

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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